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Located in the Walt Disney World Resort® Area

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Save money while dining at Kissimmee-St. Cloud Resort Area restaurants & more! The Restaurants & More guide and this website are designed with your needs in mind.

Simply click on COUPONS and choose from the handy Index of Restaurants & More or select the cuisine or activity you are searching for. Then print out your coupon/ad of choice.

Just minutes from the Walt Disney World Resort® Area and other Orlando theme parks, Kissimmee-St. Cloud offers a diverse array of dining options and fun things to do. From recognized chain restaurants that we all love, to small lesser-known gems unique to this area, there is something for every taste and activity level.

Use the coupons and discover affordable dining & more at its best!

Why use Coupons?

Let’s face it; going on vacation is expensive. The Central Florida Tourism Industry understands they are catering to the family market and almost all businesses offer coupons to help offset expenses. Gone are the days of the “I don’t want to appear cheap, by using a coupon” mentality. Savvy visitors enjoy saving money and so should you!

Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Bottom line – because it saves you money!
    With the money you save, you can spend it on something else not in the budget or take it home with you.
  2. Restaurants pay to run the coupons you see in various publications.
    They want you to use their coupon and hopefully, return again.
  3. Coupon redemption serves as a form of tracking advertising results.
    The publications want you to use the coupons so the restaurants will continue to advertise.

So there you go, now get busy using coupons so everyone wins!