What you say about your company doesn’t matter.
It is what the customers say about you that matters.


Distribution center supports Restaurants & More coupon book

“We only use Restaurants & More.  It’s simple and easy to use.  The guests love the coupons.”

Runaway Beach Club

“Here at Runaway Beach Club, we welcome our guests with the Restaurant Guide of Osceola County.  Guests love it!”

Front Desk

Pool at Liki Tiki Resort

“Thank you for delivering your Restaurant Guide to our resort.  It is very helpful, we include it in all of our Welcome Packets.”

Karen M.
Liki Tiki Resort

Oriental Seafood Buffet logo

“The Restaurant Guide ad is like a life saver, it helps our business a lot.  Thank you for your help.”

Black Angus Steakhouse Logo

“We couldn’t have asked for better advertising results.”

Experience Kissimmee

“As an Event Services Representative at Experience Kissimmee (formerly the Kissimmee Convention & Visitors Bureau) the Osceola Restaurant Guide is an essential tool for my servicing needs. Groups are always on the lookout for coupons and discounts, and …

Attraction Ticket Booths use the Restaurant Guide

“I find that the Restaurant Guide is a good tool in my relations with the tourists that I deal with.”

Grand Villas Resort Concierge's staff

“We love using the Restaurant Guide!”

Capone's Icon

“We’ve advertised with this publication for many years. The Restaurant Guide has consistently produced a return on our investment.”