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Payment for Advertising

Question:  Do you accept credit card payments for advertising?

Answer: Yes, we accept Visa & MasterCard.

Contract Length

Question:  Do I have to commit to a one year contract?

Answer:  No, you may try Restaurants & More! for one issue only with no obligation to continue further.  Our philosophy is that if you are satisfied with your advertising results, you will chose to continue to advertise for years to come.

Ad Artwork

Question:  Do I have to provide the ad artwork to you?

Answer:  Although some restaurants and businesses do provide their own artwork, it is not required.  We will meet with you to discuss your advertising objectives and our professional graphic designer will create an ad for your business at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

How Can My Business Advertise?

Question: I own a restaurant and am interested in placing an ad. How can my restaurant advertise?

Answer: Advertising in Restaurants & More! is easy. Fill out our contact form, or call us at 407.396.4646. We offer various sizes of ads and will help market your business through print and this website!

Still have questions?

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